Living PMA simply means, to live with a constant commitment to maintaining a positive attitude, so to improve any situation no matter how dire and accelerate the healing process.

Living PMA is an organization honoring the life and motto of our beloved friend, brother and son Bahram Morid. Bahram was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2008. Through the difficulties of living with a brain tumor, Bahram also lived with a positive mental attitude. Still shredding on a skateboard or wrenching away on his classic cars he never allowed the unfortunate news to take his spirit. In fact, his last wishes were to help children with brain tumors, alike.

To support children and adults with their fight against brain tumors. This includes awareness, support and fundraising. Funds will be donated to organizations that help families with medical expenses, education and how to live with a positive mental attitude while fighting against brain cancer. We will continue to strive to find the best ways to improve the lives of those battling cancer and to increase their chances to win!